Children 2011 0817.jpgWelcome to the Children section! Here you will find games that will help you learn about and explore the five senses. Your five senses help you understand the world around you. Can you name all five of your senses?

Sight. Your eyes let you see. Some people have trouble seeing, and wear glasses to help them see better. Without sight it can be difficult to know what everyday objects look like. For example, how would you tell the difference between a soccer ball and a basketball?

Hearing. Your ears let you hear. Some people have trouble hearing and may have to wear special equipment, called cochlear implants (or CIs), to help them hear. If you can't hear, you would miss everyday sounds around you. For example, how would you hear the bell for lunchtime at school?

Smell. Your nose lets you smell. Without smell you would not be able to smell fresh-baked cookies or delicious pizza.

Taste. Your tongue lets you taste. Without taste you would not be able to taste your favorite foods.

Touch. Your hands and skin let you touch and feel. Without touch you would not be able to tell if something is hot or cold, smooth or rough.

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