It's time to test what you've learned in this mini-course.
1: Which of the following is not recommended in the classroom of a child with a cochlear implant?
A. Cloth wall coverings
B. Blinds on the windows
C. Bare floors
D. Padding on desk/chair feet
2: Which of the following will reduce background noise in classrooms?
A. Closing windows and doors
B. Establishing a “one voice” rule
C. Removing fish tanks
D. All of the above
3: Where should you generally seat a child with a cochlear implant?
A. In the middle of the classroom
B. Away from doors and windows
C. In the first row of the classroom
D. With the child’s “better” ear toward you, if applicable
E. A, B, and D
F. B, C, and D
4: What's the optimal distance from the teacher that a student with a cochlear implant should be?
A. 1.5-3 feet
B. 3-5 feet
C. 5-8 feet
5: True or false: A visual classroom will benefit all students, not just the student with the cochlear implant.
A. True
B. False